Cambridge Ecommerce

Who are Cambridge Ecommerce?

Cambridge Ecommerce is a new business venture started by John Doherty, Technical Director of Mammoth Workwear.

Having spent the past several years developing a bespoke eCommerce website for Mammoth Workwear, John decided to use his skills to help other small businesses achieve similar online success.

What makes Cambridge ECommerce different?

There are many small companies in the UK with unsuccessful on-line stores and this is partly to do with the use of terrible, off the shelf software. The eCommerce software John brings to Cambridge ECommerce has been specifically developed to talk Google’s language. It makes it easy for search engines to understand what each page is about, removing the guess work and resulting in great unpaid/organic traffic.

Unlike many web development companies, Cambridge Ecommerce is dedicated to focusing entirely on eCommerce and not only delivers software solutions but also provides ongoing advice and guidance necessary to make an online store a true success. Including areas such as pricing, shipping and marketing.

What next?

If you are interested in working with Cambridge ECommerce, drop us an email at